• Veganuary/New Vegan Tips

    Veganuary/New Vegan Tips

    January is quickly approaching and with the recent rise in popularity of of veganism I am sure that a few people out there will be looking to try the veganuary challenge. In case you have not heard of veganuary before it is a challenge where you follow a vegan diet for the month of January… Read more

  • Nice Quiet Run

    Nice Quiet Run

    I went for a run today and for once there was pretty much nobody around. Usually when I go for a run down the cycle track near where I live there are lots of people walking dogs or cycling which I have to navigate my way around. Today however there was hardly anyone around. I… Read more

  • Two Weeks Till My Challenge Starts

    Two Weeks Till My Challenge Starts

    It is hard to believe that it is now exactly two weeks till the start of 2019. This however also means that it is only two weeks till I start my challenge. Part of me is looking forward to getting going on this challenge and eating into the miles. However, these is also a part… Read more

  • Christmas Party And The Morning After…

    Christmas Party And The Morning After…

    Yesterday afternoon was my work’s Christmas party. The food was nice and I had a few drinks (but not too many). I also managed to get home at pretty much the time I normally would. However, I was extremely tired! I had just about enough energy to walk the dog and eat some takeaway food… Read more

  • Season of Good Will?

    Season of Good Will?

    This time of year is meant to be a time of giving, sharing and good will but from what I have seen this is far from reality. In the last week I have seen a lot more examples of road rage when I am cycling or or walking around the city I live in than… Read more

  • Christmas Food and Christmas Party’s

    Christmas Food and Christmas Party’s

    Although there is still a couple of weeks till Christmas week is upon us there is already a good deal of Christmas things going around already. All of  the lovely, tempting Christmas food is already in the shops. There are chocolate and mince pies everywhere and I have to admit that I have had quite… Read more