• Miserable Winter Week

    Miserable Winter Week

    Winter is not great for wellbeing at the best of times, it is dark, cold and generally not nice. This week is my first week of being back in the office. Coming back into the office after having some time away gave me a bit of anxiety. Although I got over this quite quickly once… Read more

  • Working From Home

    Working From Home

    There is no doubt that working from home has it’s benefits but it really doesn’t do my fitness levels any good. Firstly, when I am in the office I cycle to and from work but when I am working from home I am about five steps away from my desk. This means before anything else… Read more

  • Getting Back To Work

    Getting Back To Work

    I have just recently gone back to work after loosing my mum a few weeks ago. It is a really difficult time, although I feel a better than I did before I am not fully better (by a long way) and dealing with people makes it much more difficult. I am still at a stage… Read more

  • Exercising In Bad Weather

    Exercising In Bad Weather

    Up to now the weather has been pretty mild for this time of the year but since the start of the week the weather has suddenly got a lot worse. Not only is the weather a lot colder but the last few days have also been very wet. The cold doesn’t really bother me, I… Read more

  • New Week, More Training

    New Week, More Training

    Last week was the funeral so it was a really hard week for me. As a result of this my diet and exercise suffered. This week, I am going to be focusing more on building up my fitness. I am setting myself a goal of running over 20k this week. I have done 5k of… Read more

  • Training and Planing

    Training and Planing

    In the last couple of weeks I have gone from doing no running to being able to do 7km running without stopping or walking. Although, I am still not running very quickly at the moment. I feel like the running is getting easier but I still have a long way to go to make sure… Read more