• FFTBR Chapter 2

    FFTBR Chapter 2

    To read the first chapter head to the book page: I’ve worked my one months notice, packed my bags and I was now on the plane on my way to LAX. Martha did a lot to help me get ready for the move but I still haven’t heard anything from Mark. It still hurts… Read more

  • FFTBR Chapter 1

    FFTBR Chapter 1

    I opened the door to our home and I knew instantly that something was wrong. Mark’s jacket wasn’t on the stand by the door and none of his shoes were in the hallway. I took off my own jacket and shoes, putting them in their usual place but I knew that something wasn’t quite right.… Read more

  • Miserable Winter

    Even though we still have over a month of winter left I am already sick of it. I am sick of waking up in the dark. I am sick of the cold and the rain. I am sick of doing dog walks in the dark. I am trying to lead a more healthy life but… Read more

  • Blue Monday

    Blue Monday

    Yesterday was blue Monday and though there is some controversy on whether this is a real phenomenon it is clear that January is a difficult month. Going back to work again after the Christmas break is difficult enough but adding to that poor weather and low funds, January is just miserable. I am trying my… Read more

  • End of Week 1

    End of Week 1

    It is the end of the first full week in January so it is a great time to assess how I am doing and where I want to be by the end of the year. The first thing that I have been working on this year is my diet. I have now lost a total… Read more

  • Half Week Progress

    Half Week Progress

    I am just over half a week into attempting to get a handle on my weight and fitness. I have been eating better but snacking is still a bit of an issue with all of the tasty Christmas snacks around me. It isn’t my weigh in date yet and I am trying my best not… Read more