• Eating for Weight Loss

    Eating for Weight Loss

    There seems to be an assumption in the media and in society at large that if you want to lose weight you need to completely change up everything about your diet. You need to ditch all the stuff you enjoy and live entirely on salads and fruit like some kind of rabbit. This is just… Read more

  • COVID-19 a Lesson in Consent

    COVID-19 a Lesson in Consent

    Ok this is going to sound weird by bare with me here. COVID-19 has taught me a lot about boundaries, specifically how most people are willing to completely disregard other peoples boundaries based on their own desires and personal feelings on the matter. I have anxiety which means that I am always thinking of the… Read more

  • Fresh Start

    Fresh Start

    Since this whole COVID-19 thing start up I have been really struggling. I have anxiety and worry about germs at the best of times so you add a global pandemic to that and I was quite frankly a mess for the first few months. Things have got a bit better over time but my health… Read more

  • The Trials of Not Being a Morning Person

    The Trials of Not Being a Morning Person

    I am not a morning person, I wake up early for the most part but it takes me a good hour or so to become a fully functioning human again. The process requires copious amounts of coffee and usually a bit of mindless scrolling through social media. The wouldn’t be huge issue if it wasn’t… Read more

  • Wednesday 5th May 2021

    Wednesday 5th May 2021

    Today I want to talk about setting the right state of mind at the start of the day. It is really easy to get into a situation where something bad happens early on in the day and the day quickly starts to spiral downward. Before you know it you are feeling miserable and having the… Read more

  • Monday 3rd May 2021

    Monday 3rd May 2021

    I think I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with editing. I love to remake my story into something better but I hate spending hours staring at the same sentence wondering if this really is the best way of getting my point across. I also have to solve all the problem parts that I… Read more