Finding New Eden (Alpha Stage)

Blurb for this Novel

The earth is dying, we are the ones who killed it. If we want to survive we need to find a new home, a new eden.
Humanity is now in a race against time to find a new planet to call home before the end of the world.

Chapter 1

“Is there any chance you could be mistaken?” Said one of the scientists on the call who Emily didn’t recognise. 

She could understand why they didn’t believe her, she was nobody. She hadn’t even finished her doctorate yet but here she was telling the world’s most influential scientists that they had missed something. When she had taken her findings to her doctoral supervisor she had expected him to take over and go to these meetings instead of her but apparently he didn’t want to take that chance that she could be wrong. This was not very comforting but she had always been taught to trust data over her feelings. 

“The data is conclusive, there is no room for error.” Emily said. 

“You understand how much damage this research would do if you are wrong.” Asked another doctor. Emily was suddenly very glad that she had decided against putting her camera on. She recognised that she was not on their level but their tone was patronising, more like the tone you would use when talking to a small child and it was starting to get on her nerves. 

“You are more than welcome to check my data.” Emily said. She was doing quite well at hiding her annoyance but she really hoped that they would stop talking down to her so much. 

“We will but according to your findings we need to be taking action right now so I will ask you again. Is there any chance that you have miscalculated?” The same scientist asked. Emily took a deep breath to calm herself before continuing. 

“We pooled data together from many different research teams all over the planet and our calculations have been checked by members from each of these teams along with my own supervisor. There is always a chance that something has been missed but at this stage the data has already been checked by more than twenty people.” Emily said.  

“I will check the data but I think we have to proceed on the assumption that your conclusions are correct. I will speak to my contacts in the government over the next few days so get ready to explain your research to them Emily. I am sure they will have a lot of questions for you.” The scientist from before said, their contempt was barely hidden under their formal tone. 

Emily watched as the other scientist on the call hung up one by one and she was left alone again. It was clear that none of them had liked listening to what she had to say, how could they when the message was so clearly terrifying but that didn’t change how it made her feel. The worst part was that she hoped they were right because that would mean she could go back to planning the rest of her life instead of worrying about the end of the world.

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