The Trials of Not Being a Morning Person

I am not a morning person, I wake up early for the most part but it takes me a good hour or so to become a fully functioning human again. The process requires copious amounts of coffee and usually a bit of mindless scrolling through social media.

The wouldn’t be huge issue if it wasn’t for the fact that my partner and my dog are most certainly morning people! They wake up early and are very active in the time where all I want to do is wrap myself up in a cocoon and drink coffee.

There is then a point in the day where everyone in the house is on the same level. This usually happens between the hours of 8am and 8pm but after this time the roles are completely reversed. My dog and partner are winding down (and usually napping) whereas I am still energised and completely not tired.

It is safe to say that I seem to get a lot of my writing done in the evenings when everyone else I done for the day but I am still feeling quite energised. I guess that is one way of getting the book written, using the hours where everyone else in the house is asleep to focus on writing.

I wonder what coping mechanisms other night owls use for living with larks!

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