• June 2023 Update

    I have been a bit busy over the last couple of months. I got married and my day job has been hectic so I will try to keep my update short, but I aren’t promising anything.  The Once Upon a Pack Series Once Upon a Rejection is now in the third and final part of… Read more

  • The Alpha’s Punishment – Chapter 11

    This is chapter 11 of my novel, below is a link to the first 7 free chapters: If you enjoy reading my story then you can comment on or like this page. Jasper Hartford’s POV Lizzy stepped out of her room. She looked absolutely stunning. She normally wore clothes that hid her body, I know… Read more

  • The Alpha’s Punishment – Chapter 10

    This is chapter 10 of my story so if you are new to the story you should click the below button to take you to chapter 1 I hope that you are enjoying my story, please feel free to write comments on my story and press the like button. Elizabeth Summers’ POV I didn’t see… Read more

  • The Alpha’s Punishment – Chapter 9

    This is chapter nine of the story, here is a link to chapter one of the story: I hope you enjoy reading my story, please feel free to comment on or like this post to show your support Elizabeth Summers’ POV I had been sitting on the sofa at home for the last half an… Read more

  • The Alpha’s Punishment – Chapter 8

    This is chapter 8 of the novel, if you you wish to read chapters 1-7 you can do so by clicking on the below link: Jasper Hartford’s POV My lips were only a few centimetres away from Lizzy’s. They looked so warm and inviting, slightly parted as though she was waiting for me to claim… Read more

  • March 2023 Update

    General Update Firstly, this month’s update is going to be a bit longer than usual. I am not going to apologise for that, there is a lot to update you on. I have been very busy recently but I finally feel as though I have things in a better place. This should mean that I… Read more