• City Cycling is Super Dangerous Apparently!

    City Cycling is Super Dangerous Apparently!

    I live in a small city, the kind of city where parking is poor but it is fine because you are never really too far from any other point in the city. That combined with good public transport means that it is not uncommon for people not to prioritise learning to drive where I live.… Read more

  • End of Week 1

    End of Week 1

    In some ways this first week of my new healthy lifestyle has not gone according to plan but in others it has helped me already. This week at work was really busy and stressful, this meant that I wasn’t able to exercise as much as I had wanted to. It also meant that I made… Read more

  • Busy Day At Work

    Busy Day At Work

    I have had a really busy day at work today so that means that I have not been able to eat as well as I would like or move as much as I would like. I was booked into meetings over the whole of lunch meaning that I missed my usual lunchtime walk. I was… Read more

  • Day 1 – Starting Weight :(

    Day 1 – Starting Weight 😦

    So I weighed myself this morning and I am over 200lbs. Only by 2.4lbs but still it is not good news. Now I am now even more determined that I will get to get fit and healthy. My goals for this week are as follows: Get out of the 200’s Exercise twice this week Increase… Read more

  • New Beginning

    New Beginning

    I haven’t been looking after myself very well recently. I have been eating far too much junk food, not exercising and as a result I have put on some extra weight and am feeling a bit unfit generally. From tomorrow I am going to be eating better and start exercising more as well as making… Read more