City Cycling is Super Dangerous Apparently!

I live in a small city, the kind of city where parking is poor but it is fine because you are never really too far from any other point in the city. That combined with good public transport means that it is not uncommon for people not to prioritise learning to drive where I live.

As I am trying to be healthy and active, I am currently commuting to and from work via bike. This is not too strenuous as it is only around 6 km each way and it is a good way of being a little bit more active than I would otherwise be each day.

however, I have noticed that there seems to be a lot of aggression shown towards myself and other cyclists by cars and vans. On one particular day I was almost run off the road two times on my way to work (and witnessed another cyclist almost get run over too).

I can understand that some cyclists, cycle in a manner which is irritating to other road users but I am very careful when I am cycling and I always make sure that I don’t do anything dangerous and I always follow the rules of the road.

There is therefore no reason for people to act in such an aggressive manner towards me.

It makes me wonder if the drivers have some kind of conspiracy to try and get rid of cyclists (by any means). However, I now feel that I need to start wearing a camera for cycling to deter this kind of behaviour.

I find it very depressing that people would show so much disregard for someones life.

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