End of Week 1

In some ways this first week of my new healthy lifestyle has not gone according to plan but in others it has helped me already.

This week at work was really busy and stressful, this meant that I wasn’t able to exercise as much as I had wanted to. It also meant that I made a few bad food choices and wasn’t able to lose as much weight as I would have liked to.

However, it made it clear to me that the job I am currently doing is not right for me. It is not being busy which is the issue for me and what I am doing is not particularly difficult. It is that I have got too far away from what I actually enjoy doing.

I have not been happy for some time but this week has made it clear to me that I have let my job have too much of a detrimental impact on my health. Thinking back, when I started this job (at the start of the year) I weighed about 25lbs less than I weigh now.

I have already applied for a few roles which are getting back to the type of work that I enjoy doing so hopefully it wont be long till I am back to my old self.

This does not mean that  I am giving up being healthy but it does mean that it will be harder than I first anticipated until I get a new job.

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