Once Upon a Series

This is an 18+ werewolf and lycan series. Each book in this series can be read as a stand alone story

Molly had a great life until her mother was killed and her step father took over the position that should have been hers and makes her an outcast within the pack. Molly decided the only way to deal with her pack turning against her was to leave the pack and go to college. 

A year later and Molly’s life is back on track. She is doing great at college, has a great group of friends and nice man who wanted to be her boyfriend. So how would she react when she meets her mate and he turns out to be the future alpha of her old pack?

June is a human brought up in a small farming town. She left her family, her friends and her boyfriend behind because she wanted to experience a bit of the world before she married her high school sweetheart. She hadn’t expected that he would cheat on her. Heartbroken, she tried to move on with her life but she couldn’t seem to get over her past. That was until she met him. 

Ezra was everything she hated in a man. He was a player who thought nothing of breaking a woman’s heart and yet she couldn’t seem to get him off her mind. He was the last thing she needed but also the only thing she wanted. Will she be able to shake this obsession before it takes over her life?

Dominic Northwood’s family were rogue hunters. Their work was dangerous so when they stopped responding to his messages he was worried. He traced them to a pack with a dangerous reputation. Desperation causes him to form a precarious arrangement with a nearby pack, who offers to help him take down the pack and find his family.

Brianna Kennedy is a strong independent alpha female until her parents gifted her to a nearby alpha like a fickin present. Between an alpha who who wants to claim her as his chosen mate and a human mate who won’t even look at her, she is done playing by their rules. She will take back her freedom by any means necessary.