June 2023 Update

I have been a bit busy over the last couple of months. I got married and my day job has been hectic so I will try to keep my update short, but I aren’t promising anything. 

The Once Upon a Pack Series

Once Upon a Rejection is now in the third and final part of the story. This part will be a little shorter than the previous two parts but I hope that you all enjoy reading it just as much. 

Once this part and Once Upon a Bad Boy Beta’s Redemption have been completed and edited then I will start updating Once Upon a Forbidden Mate. This will at first only be available on Patreon but I will add a couple of others places once I get enough words. 

The Alpha’s Punishment

This story is only a couple of chapters away from completion. After it is finished I will be doing some editing and formatting before publishing it in a few months time. To begin with I will be making this book available on Amazon, Kobo and Barns & Nobel but I might add in more at a later stage.

If you are subscribed to my patreon at the $6 a month or higher tier then you will get emailed a copy of the ebook prior to it being released. If you are subscribed at the $20 a month tier then you will get mailed a signed paperback and some additional book related merch. 

There will be a couple of different editions of the story released but I will explain more about this below.

After this book has been fully published I will move onto the second book in this series. This book should be a shorter story and will focus on Sasha’s story. Although I won’t be starting this for a couple of months I thought you might like to know it would be coming soon. I will probably do a cover reveal in my next update so that is something for you to look forward to. 

The Lost Female Alpha

Part one of this story is now complete. Once I have finished editing The Alpha’s Punishment I will edit part one of this story while I continue to write part two. 

Part 2 of this book as well as the edited version of Part 1 will have chapters from Elijah’s perspective as I know this is something people have been wanting for a while. 

General Update

In order to make my books accessible to a wider range of audiences I will be releasing 3 editions on my books in paperback and ebook. Using The Alpha’s Punishment as an example it would work as follows:

The Alpha’s Punishment – this version would have all 18+ content removed and will be adapted to be suitable for a YA audience. This means I will be adding more high school drama and romance but less passion and violence. I am thinking that I might publish this under a different pen name (Cirilla Wolf) to keep the teen audience away from my spicy work.

The Alpha’s Punishment, After Dark Edition – this version would be similar to the existing story but I would probably add a bit more spice just for fun 🙂

The Alpha’s Omega Wolf – in this version I will be using different lore regarding werewolves. These books will be substantially different from the other stories and will be published under the name Cressida Wolfe. Some of the differences are as follows: All characters will be older (average age of 25+) meaning the setting of the story and many of the story points will change. Werewolves will be different and will have a deeper lore behind them. They will also be more likely to contain darker elements. 

The intention of this isn’t for people to buy the story more than once. It just gives more options to readers on how they want to read my stories. However, subscribers to my Patreon and Ream accounts will get access to Cressida and Cerelia Wolf stories. 

Let me know which version of my books you would be most interested in by commenting on this update. 

A Quick Note On Rewards 

You might wonder why I keep mentioning my rewards on Patreon, Ream or even now Buy Me a Coffee. The main reason is that these services are more beneficial to both you as a reader and me as a writer. 

Not only do you get additional rewards for being a member but you can also be assured that I see far more of the money from these services than I do from other reading platforms (around 92% rather than 8% as on some platforms). 

In addition to this, it is services like this which will enable me to spend more time writing. That means that you will get more frequent chapters and more books. This is particularly important to me right now due to current events. I hate to make it sound ominous but I don’t really have a choice at the moment. 

I am currently on three of these services which have different rewards so you can chose based on your interests: 

Buy Me a Coffee – this is new and is an account for my Cirilla Wolf writing. This is the place to go if you want the stories without the steamy parts. 
I will start uploading chapters from mid June as I start to edit The Alpha’s Punishment.
Link: https://www.buymeacoffee.com/CirillaWolf 

Patreon – this will have stories for Cerelia Wolf and Cressida Wolf. It will have downloadable ebook versions of my stories once they are complete 
Link: patreon.com/CereliaWolf

Ream – this is the place to go if you like reading online and are not interested in the ebook version. The interface is better for the online format but there is no clear way for me to share ebooks so I have adjusted the rewards accordingly. 
I am new to using this platform and will be uploading my books on there over the next couple of weeks 
Link: https://reamstories.com/page/lhdia00ke6

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