Lets Try Again – A Short Story

Based on the following prompt from Reedsy: Write about two people reconnecting after a rough patch in their relationship.

“I think we should try again.” Martin said smiling.

We wouldn’t need to try again if you hadn’t cheated on me Emily thought cynically. She wanted to take him back and try again but she wasn’t convinced that she could forget what he had put her through that easily.

“How do I know that this time will be any different?” She asked.

“I promise I won’t do anything to hurt you again. She didn’t mean anything to me, you are my world.” He gushed. Emily couldn’t help thinking that if that was true then he wouldn’t have hurt her like that. She didn’t say dare to say this out loud however, she was angry but she still wasn’t ready to push him away.

“Please say something Emily, I can’t bare the thought of life without you.” he said, he looked close to tears by now. This made Emily breakdown in fits of tears. He tried to wrap his arms around her to comfort her but she pushed him away and tried to compose herself.

“I can’t promise anything but I think we would try.” She said tentatively, fighting back tears.

In the end they agreed to take things slowly. He would continue staying with his friends and they would go on a date in a few days and see where it went from there. Emily spent the next couple days worrying that she had made a huge mistake. How could she even by sure that he was no longer seeing that other women and how could she be sure he told the truth when he said that he hadn’t cheated on her before. He had been so good at lying, he had been with that woman for months before she had walked in on them together.

By the time that the evening of their date finally arrived she was so anxious that she almost called to cancel on more than one occasion. She was wearing her favourite black dress and having her second glass of wine waiting for Martin to arrive. As she looked up and saw him crossing the room towards her she felt butterflies in her stomach. The only problem was she wasn’t sure if the butterflies were due to attraction or nerves. She took a large drink of her wine to calm herself down.

They had made the decision when they agreed to this date that they would leave what had happened in the past, neither of them were to bring it up again. This was something that was easier said than done. Every so often when they were talking about something completely unrelated Emily would remember the image of that women and Martin together, the image was as clear today as the day she caught them and still just as painful.

After a while Martin leant forward and took hold of Emily’s hand. They had been talking about work and he had noticed the look she got in her eyes, he could tell that she was close to tears and that made him sad. He had never meant to hurt her. He didn’t even know why he had an affair but the thought of losing the women he loved most in the world over some stupid mistake was too much for him to bare.

“I forgot to tell you that started a new job last week.” He said, he wanted to make her aware that he was no longer in any contact with the women he had been seeing without bringing her attention to her again. He hoped that this would be enough to set her mind at ease.

Emily shifted in her seat uncomfortably. She took this to mean that he was no longer in contact with that woman and he wanted her to know about it. She didn’t realise how much this information would comfort her. She would have never asked him to get a new job but the fact that their relationship meant enough to him to do that made her feel better about giving him a second chance.

She didn’t say anything to acknowledge this but she continued on with their date feeling a bit more optimistic. Now that she was feeling less anxious she realised how much she had missed Martin over the last few weeks. He told her about his new job but mostly he asked her all about her life over the last few weeks. They talked about their lives in a way in which they hadn’t done for years.

In many ways it felt as though they were starting their relationship again from the very beginning with all the thrill and excitement of a new relationship. She looked into his eyes and saw the same spark of excitement she knew would be in her eyes. Looking into his eyes she felt as though she was under some kind of spell, she couldn’t look away and she didn’t want to. She leaned forward and he leaned mirrored her. They kissed for a few minutes before they were interrupted by their deserts arriving.

After their date ended they both went back to their homes. Emily missed him more that night than she had any night before and it was only a few short weeks before he moved back into the house they had previously shared. After that a lot of other things quickly went back to how they were before as though nothing had happened. It wasn’t long before Martin decided to propose to Emily and a year later they got married on a beach in Spain.

There was one thing however that never reverted to the way it was before. No matter what else was going on in their lives, no matter how busy they were or how stressed work made them. They still made time to have a date night every single month. They both felt that taking that time to be together as a couple, away from the rest of the world made their relationship stronger and stopped them from taking each other for granted.

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