Saturday 24th April 2021

It was a study week for me this last week and I always under estimate how much these weeks take out of me. On paper it doesn’t look too bad, it is only six hours of studying after all. However, I still feel the need to keep any eye on work so that I don’t come back to a complete mess.

It is also easy to underestimate the energy and concentration needed to learn and consistently for six hours. Normally (as an adult at least) most of what you do within a day is stuff that you have already done before and know pretty well. Learning requires a lot more attention than doing something which you already know how to do and there lies the difficulty. I am not sure if as an adult I am just not used to this level of concentration or if this would have always been this hard, even when I was at college or school.

I have not been able to find the energy to do anything productive at all this week (particularly write). I even had moments where I would be staring into space while trying to fine to energy to even move.

It is ok though, I have next week off to catch up on all the things that I have put off doing this week!

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