Monday 26th April 2021 – Publishing Routes?

I have started streaming on twitch again but I have stayed away from the standard game streaming. I worked out that although I enjoy streaming and gaming I don’t like mixing the two. I have decided to try something a bit different, I am streaming my novel writing and planning.

I have started out quite slowly, I will be doing two streams a week on the weekend and seeing how it does from there. I am enjoying it so far but it is still early days for my new stream set up so I probably have a lot to learn about it.

I have this week off work. Having a week off work is a perfect opportunity to do plenty of writing…… or a moderate amount and a lot of procrastinating.

I am getting very close the finishing the first draft of my camp NaNoWriMo project and moving into the editing phase. I know that the editing phase is a lot harder (and more time consuming) than the drafting phase but I would like to get a story to publishing stage by the end of June. If I can keep up the pace that I have been at this month I think this is a possibility.

I was pretty much set on self publication but part of me wonders if my story would work better for traditional publication. There are clear pros and cons with each route. For instance traditional publishing is a lot easier because you get a lot more help but you lose a lot of the control over the process as a result.

Despite this I may send out some queries just to see what happens. What do other authors think about the different publishing routes?

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