Thursday 29th April 2021

I can’t help but wonder why it always seems to be the case that when you take time off your day job to focus on writing things happen to prevent this. Yesterday we had to take the dog to the vets, he is fine but he has been getting some gunk in his eyes which we wanted to check out. We now have to give him eye drops for a few days which I am sure he is going to love!

Other than that, I have spent a lot of time organising and rearranging the house ready for the arrival of my new bookshelves. Moving things around so that there is space for the bookshelf without making the house feel too cluttered is a pretty difficult task in a small house. I am sure that before long we will have to buy a bigger house to fit all the books, or get rid of some of the books (I am not sure I can do that).

I am going to make sure that I spend plenty of time writing today to make up for what I have missed earlier on this week through worrying/tidying. wish me luck!

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