Finding New Eden

Now that CampNaNoWriMo is out of the way things will be going back to a more normal state. I will be doing editing on the weekdays and on a weekend I will be writing a new sci-fi story where people on twitch can vote on direction of the story.

I anticipate that this story will start off pretty normal but rather quickly descend into chaos as the votes take the story off into some strange tangents. The first stream will be tomorrow over on my twitch channel ( and I will be posting the result on my webpage later on the same day. I have created a new section on this site which can be navigated to from the home page if you want to see how the story looks as I progress.

I will be posting this on this site as a first draft and from there I will see if I can edit the story into something resembling a decent story ready to be published. I am not sure how well I will succeed in this goal but I think it will be an interesting challenge either way. I also think that the results could be rather hilarious because I will be putting some options in there that could take the story down some interesting avenues.

The basic premise of the story (for those of your who are interested) is that the world is ending and in order to ensure the survival of humans and other animals we need to find a new home. The story will follow this journey and I anticipate a lot of issues along the way!

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