FFTBR Chapter 2

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I’ve worked my one months notice, packed my bags and I was now on the plane on my way to LAX. Martha did a lot to help me get ready for the move but I still haven’t heard anything from Mark. It still hurts when I think of the way that he treated me but thankfully I have been too busy to spend much time wallowing over it. 

I was sitting in first class, it wasn’t something I would normally do but my father had insisted on paying for my flight. The moment I told him that I wanted to stay with him he was completely thrilled. He had wanted me to move back to LA from the moment that I left and it was clear that he was going to try his best to make sure that I stayed. I guess it was nice that he wanted me to be in his life so much, it was nice to feel wanted after what had happened to me. 

“Excuse me miss.” Said a silky smooth voice from behind me. 

I looked up to see who was talking but I realised too late that they were talking to the airhostess not me. I had turned slightly in my chair, just enough to see Jela Stokes talking to one of the air hostesses just a few centimetres from seat. I turned around in my seat and pretended to read my book. Pretended was the key word, I wouldn’t be able to concentrate on anything when I knew Jela was this close to me. My spine was stiff and I could hardly breathe. 

I hate to admit it but I have had a crush on Jela Stokes for years and unfortunately for me he was even more attractive in real life. Most people know Jela for the films he has starred in but for me I will always think first and foremost of the rock band that he is the frontman of. I have spent more hours than I would care to admit to listening to his songs over the years.

I could hear him asking the airhostess when we would be landing, he sounded annoyed. I am not sure if it was this or just his presence that made the airhostess flustered but regardless of the reason Jela was not happy.

“Are you going to answer my question or just stand there staring at me?” He said, his voice was loud and tense. 

“Ermm, well we are meant to land in half an hour but we were late taking off.” The woman said. Her voice was quivering slightly. I felt sorry for her, I really wouldn’t want to be in her position right now.

“I know you were late taking off, that is why I am asking.” He wasn’t even trying to hide his annoyance now.

“I can ask the pilot.” She said, her voice was quiet. Almost a whisper.

“Do that.” He said. The airhostess walked away towards the cockpit. 

“Sometimes I hate flying.” Jela said in the voice that I was more used to hearing from him, the one that sounded like silk. 

I assumed that he would be talking to himself but I turned to look anyway. I was surprised to see that he was looking right at me. He was smiling at me, he looked stunning. My heart skipped a beat. I couldn’t help it, even after hearing the way he treated the airhostess he was gorgeous and his presence was intoxicating. His blue eyes were so bright that it felt as though he was staring straight into your soul. His mahogany coloured hair fell to just above his shoulders in waves. He was dressed in a back t-shirt and black skinny jeans. His whole demeanour screamed casual and yet somehow he managed to look completely flawless. 

“I can understand that.” I said while smiling back at him. I was pleasantly surprised by how neutral my voice sounded. 

“I can think of one thing that would make this flight better though.” He said.

“What would that be?” I said, tucking a strand of my blonde hair behind my ear.

“If you agree to go for a drink with me sometime.” He said. My heart skipped a beat.

“Ok.” I said. 

It probably sounded like a reluctant acceptance but in reality I was so excited by the idea of a date with Jela that I didn’t trust myself with more words. 

I gave him my number and I watched as he typed it into his phone. I couldn’t help  wondering if I would ever hear from him after today. He probably gets numbers off so many women that he can’t really remember any of them. I would just be another name in his phonebook by this time next week.

He opened his mouth to say something when he was interrupted by the airhostess taping him on his shoulder. He flinched and diverted his attention away from me.

“We will be landing in forty five minutes sir.” She said with a little more confidence than she had shown a few minutes earlier. Jela nodded and walked away without saying another word. 

The rest of the flight passed without incident. My dad had come to the airport to pick me up along with his wife Emery and their four year old son Charlie. My dad had a huge smile on his face as he greeted me but the surprise as Emery. She wrapped her arms around me and pulled me into a huge hug. I felt a bit awkward, my mom and dad weren’t the type of parent who showed their love through hugs. This was going to take some getting used to.

My dad insisted on taking us out to lunch before we went home. He took us to a small but upmarket diner. It was one of my places to come when I was in my early twenties before I moved away. It was decorated in a 1950’s style, even the waitresses dressed in line with the theme of the diner. I loved the aesthetic of this place but I loved the burgers more.

I headed straight for one of the booths at the end of the room and sat down. Charlie ran over and hopped in next to me, grabbing hold of my arm. My dad and Emery were smiling at us as they sat down opposite us. 

“I think he has missed you.” Emery said. 

“He isn’t the only one.” My dad added. I felt guilty. I didn’t come home often, it was expensive to fly out here so I only made it out here once a year at most. That was something I could hopefully fix when I moved back to London. 

The waitress came over to take our orders. I opted for a bean burger, fries and a diet coke. My dad and Emery ordered the cheese burgers while Charlie asked for chicken nuggets and chips. 

“So me and Emery were talking earlier this week and we would be really happy if you would agree to take over the shop.” My dad said.

“Do you mean you want me to manage it?” I asked.

“No, I want you to own it. That way I can spend more time with my family and you can have your own business.” He said. I looked at my dad and Emery, they both seemed really happy. 

A few years ago my dad owned a whole chain of coffee shops but that meant he had to travel a lot and work long hours. A year or so after Charlie was born he decided to sell all of them with the exception of the LA shop. This made him a multi-millionaire and gave him a lot more time to spend with his family. I often wondered why he didn’t sell all of the shops but maybe this was always the plan.

“It would be amazing having you so close by.” Emery said. Ok, now I was starting to feel like this meal was a setup. 

“It is a big decision.” I said. 

“Of course and I don’t expect you to make it now. Take a few months working with me and then if you want to take over I will draw up the paperwork.” My dad said. 

“Ok, I will give it a try.” I smiled at dad. 

When I was younger I had always been adamant that I wanted to do things for myself. I didn’t want to accept help or money from my dad but maybe that was foolish. It hadn’t exactly done much for me so far in my life. 

“Yes!” Emery exclaimed. I burst out laughing.

After we finished lunch my dad drove us all home. They went to the park while I went straight to my room. I did a small amount of unpacking then I went to bed to sleep off some of my jetlag. I have to be up early tomorrow for my first day of my new job.

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