Feeling Rather Unfit

I was planning to weigh myself at the beginning of this week so that I could see where I was before making a renewed effort in getting fit but my scales had other ideas. They refused to even turn on. This means that I had no way to judge where I am now so that I can see how far I come over the next few weeks and months.

The only thing that I really have to go on therefore is how fit I feel when I am doing the things that I normally do and use this as a gage of my health until I get a working set of scales again. Paying attention to my body in this way makes it clear that I am rather unfit at the moment. I was cycling to work the other day (something that I do very regularly) and I found it a lot more difficult than usual and I was rather breathless by the end.

It is also clear that my clothes are a little bit tighter than they were previously which implies that as well as bing less fit than I was previously I have also put on some weight as well. I don’t think that it is a lot of weight, probably about 5lbs as my clothes still fit me.

This means that I clearly have a lot of work ahead of me to get to the fitness level that I was at before and then I can work on getting even fitter.

The work starts here.

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