Starting with Diet

As I mentioned in a couple of my previous posts, I am starting to try and get back to a normal situation in my life after having a month or so away due to having a very young puppy in the house.

As the puppy is still young I am taking this slowly and I am starting off by making my diet better. We have been eating a lot more junk food and take aways recently. Although I haven’t been over eating to any large extent I have been opting for the easier options for means which means that the calories are much higher than they would be with the healthier options.

However, this stops now. I am going to be making sure that I keep more of an eye on the amount that I am eating and making sure that I get more fruit and vegetables in my diet (which is very important for a vegan).

Once I am doing better on this front I will try and incorporate more exercise into my week but for the moment I think it is best that I look at one aspect of my health at a time.

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