Eating Better

I feel as though I have done a lot better with my diet this week. I have started off small and I have been focusing on eating healthier snacks such as fruit and bars rather than chocolate and crisps. I have also been trying to stick to healthier meals with more vegetables in them.

I feel as though this is working for me to some extent in that my clothes are now feeling a little bit looser than they did last week but I have no way of checking this for sure as I haven’t got a functional set of scales at the moment. I think that I might take some size based measurements this week so that I can at least keep track of how I am doing until I get a new set of scales for the house.

As this week has gone quite well my plan for next week is to continue to do the same thing but to also add in some food tracking. I find that this has helped me in the past as it gives me an idea of if I am on track or not but it also keeps my accountable for what I am eating.

I am not doing this with the plan of trying to lose a lot of weight at this moment but more to make sure that I don’t overeat. Therefore I will at first be trying to keep to an allowance of under 1,800 calories. This should be enough for me to lose a small amount of weight. I can then look at reducing this a bit further in a couple of weeks (either this of increasing my levels of exercise) so that I can lose weight a little bit faster.

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