Judgmental People

I have always found it odd that some people seem to be really preoccupied with the choices that others make in their lives. I have also noticed that there two things that people seem to be the most judgmental about and those are dogs and babies. People seem to always want to give unprompted advice to parents and seem to always love to tell you that everything you are doing is wrong when you are a dog parent.

As a dog parent who works full time I often hear people say that people who work should not have a dog, this has always seemed odd to me. I can work from home often and I am a short cycle from my home (so I can come home for a walk and snuggles in my lunch easily) and other than the time I am at work I am at home all the rest of the time. As an introvert I have no interest in going out for meals or partying. This means I have a lot of quality time to spend with a dog snuggling on the sofa or going for long walks together.

This isnt the only aspect of dog ownership that I find people like to be judgmental over but I am not going to go into detail about all of the as there is a good chance that you will have heard these before. I will say however that it is very easy to judge other people but that doesn’t mean that you are judging them correctly and it certainly doesn’t make you better than the person that you are judging.

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