A More Active Week

This week I have been more active overall than I have been for quite a while. The main reason for this is that I have been taking quite a bit of holiday for the last few months to spend time with the new puppy. Now that the puppy is a bit older however are leaving him along a bit more. When I say a bit more I just mean a few hours at a time before one of us will come home.

This means that I have been cycling more this week than I have been for a while (and this is only going to get more over the next few weeks and months) with us dropping in on the dog regularly on days where one of us is not working from home.

It feels good to be getting a bit more activity in, it makes me feel a bit healthier and it will certainly help me to hit my weight loss goals which should help me to feel a bit healthier too. I haven’t quite got to a stage where I feel ready to do more focused exercise yet but I am hoping that if I can keep this up then I get there sooner rather than later.

I have also done pretty well in terms of my diet this week. I haven’t been overeating and I have been trying to make healthier choices where possible. I am just hoping that this will pay off on the scale when I weigh myself tomorrow.

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