I am trying not to let this time of year get to me but like many people I do find myself feeling a bit low at this time of year.

There are a lot of things about autumn that I enjoy but there are also a lot of things that are not so great. For one thing there has been a lot of rain and wind lately which makes things look more miserable and it is no fun to walk or cycle in.

It also means that there is a lot less light around and the rain clouds lead to everything looking quite dingy which is only made worse by the fact that it is now getting light later in the mornings and earlier in the evenings. This means that now I am waking up in darkness most mornings which isn’t something I find easy to do. I know that it is not going to be long before I am cycling to work in the dark and cycling home in the dark, which is not something that I look forward to.

This feeling shouldn’t last more than a few weeks and then I should be able to adjust and start feeling better again but while I am feeling this why I am trying my best to make sure that I don’t overeat to make myself feel (temporarily) better and I am also trying my best to make myself go out and get some fresh air, even if this is only in the form of short walks.

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