Bonfire Night

Here in the UK yesterday was bonfire night. This means that for the last week and probably for the next week as well people will be letting off fireworks every evening. Not only is this very annoying but it is also terrible for pets and wild animals. They have to spend all this time panicking about all the noise.

Although my puppy doesn’t seem to be too worried about the fireworks at the moment this is mostly because I have been keeping him inside while they are going off with the TV on load so that the noises aren’t too shocking. I know that at this point of his life one bad experience is enough to mean that he will have a lasting fear of that thing and I would like to avoid this if at all possible.

This does mean however that he is not able to go outside as much as he is used to and that means that he has a lot more energy that he isn’t able to use up and that is making him act out a bit more.

It really makes me think that people shouldn’t be allowed to let off fireworks all the time and it should be confined to one or two nights so that it has less impact on pets and animals.

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