Walks in the Cold

Although we are only in November it is already starting to feel rather wintery. It has been very cold, windy and rainy for the last week or so. Although I am not a huge fan of the rain, I do quite like the code weather. It is easy enough to wrap up warm and that is generally enough to make walking in the cold quite pleasant.

my puppy is also loving walking at this time of year (to be fair there isn’t much that he doesn’t love but he seems to be especially enjoying his walks at the moment). He is enjoying chasing all of the leaves as they get blown in the wind. This means that at the moment I am enjoying getting out of the house for my walks. Also, now that the fireworks are less (although not completely gone) it means that I no longer need to avoid taking the puppy outside on an evening.

my puppy is still too young to go on long walks with me but in a few months he will be able to cope with longer walks and we can start going to more interesting places together and going on lots of new adventures.

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