The Last 2 Weeks

The last two weeks have not been the best for me in terms of health. Last week was the first learning week for the degree that I am doing though my work which was great in some ways but they were really long days. I didn’t finish till 6pm on each night which meant that I didn’t get home till nearly 7pm. As these days were also very intense in terms of the topic it meant that when I did get home I felt exhausted.

I was then looking forward to having a much better week and recovering this week but instead I have been full of cold all week. I am starting to feel much better now but for most of the week I have been feeling terrible so working out and eating healthy hasn’t been something which I could cope with. it has been a struggle for me to even cope with walking the dog never mind doing anything more strenuous. I think that part of the reason I felt so bad is because I very rarely get sick so when I do it effects me more than people who are more used to it.

I know that these last couple of weeks will have had an impact on my weight and my fitness, there is not a lot that I can do about this. The only thing that I can do is to do better next week and make sure that I look after myself more going forward.


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