Doing Much Better

So far this week I am doing much better than I did all of last week. I am feeling much better and that means that I am eating better as well as I am not terracing to comfort food as much as I did last week.

I am however, still left with an annoying cough which doesn’t seem to want to go which gets worse when I try to do any form of exercise (even walking). This means that although I have been able to do a lot more than last week (I have managed to walk more and I have managed to cycle to and from work) I still haven’t been able to do as much as I would normally do.

I am still very much focusing on getting better this week, while also trying to make sure that my diet is improving day on day. Next week however I will be trying to focus a lot more of my health and fitness, I would like to get back to trying to lose weight again. I am not sure what effect the last few weeks have had on my weight but they have made me more determined to make sure that I get healthy and not to let the Christmas period derail my health.

This means that I will have to limit my consumption of mince pies and chocolates this year!

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