Not Feeling Christmasy

There is only a couple of weeks left till Christmas now and I was hoping that by this point in the month I might be starting to feel a little bit more into the Christmas spirt but this is not the case. If it wasn’t for seeing all the decorations everywhere and the constant Christmas adverts on tv and online, I would probably be completely unaware of how close Christmas actually was.

I think that part of the problem this year is that we cant really have any decorations up because of the puppy (well we could put them up but they would probably be pulled down and pulled apart just as fast so it is not really the best idea). The other issue is that this last year has been really busy and quite stressful for me which has meant that I haven’t really had the time to relax and get into the Christmas spirt.

I also done have any time off booked this year to look forward to, last year I had two weeks off over the Christmas period which meant that I could count down to this and then have plenty of time to relax over the Christmas period. This year however, I don’t have as many holidays as I have been using a few days here and there to spend with the puppy and I want to continue to do this (but to a lesser extent) next year as well so I don’t have the spare holidays to use over Christmas.

This is unusual for me as I am usually one of the people who is the most excited for Christmas. I have my works Christmas party next week so I am hoping that by the end of next week I will be feeling a little bit more in the mood for it.

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