Covid – forgotten but not gone

I don’t think that I can be the only person that has noticed this but it has become increasingly clear over the last few weeks that although Covid is still around people have stopped taking notice of the guidance of social distancing.

I have heard a lot of people talking about being in a ‘post Covid’ world and I have seen a lot more people getting closer to each other as well as having non-distanced parties. There has been a very clear move from people caring somewhat about what is going on (less than me but still caring about it) to going back to how things were before all this started happening.

Now over the last few days there have been reports of the numbers sharply increasing in the country that I am living in. We are now are risk of undoing the progress that we have been working for over the last six months. If people don’t start to remember that the disease is not gone and taking socially distancing seriously then we will end up back in full lockdown in a matter of weeks or months.

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