Keeping Motivation

I have been really busy over the last week or so. This is the point where I would normally give up and give in to some of my cravings but I am not letting this happy any more.

I have spent too long in my life letting other things become a priority over my health, this is why I am so over weight right now I guess. Right now I am going to take some time to make sure that my health is a priority.

This doesn’t mean that I am focusing on just reducing my calories however. I am trying to eat a better more balanced diet and have a healthier relationship with food. This should mean that my diet is naturally lower in calories because it is higher in fruits and vegetables while also being lower in fatty foods such as crisps and chocolate.

So far this does seem to be working as I have lost a few pounds in weight over the last couple of weeks. If I can keep this up I should be able to get out of the obese BMI range before winter and get into the health BMI range at some point next year.

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