Eating Healthy

Why is it that whenever I am trying to eat better, all I can think about is all the bad things that I could be eating.

My diet isn’t usually too unhealthy, I don’t have take aways very often and I am not usually that interested in chocolate or cakes. However these are exactly the kinds of things that I crave when I am trying to eat more fruit and vegetables.

I think that I am going to have to bake myself some healthier sweet treats so that I can avoid giving into my cravings and eating tones of chocolate and biscuits.

I think that one reason for these sudden cravings is that I have reduced the amount of sugar and salt in my diet due to cutting out most kinds of processed food from my diet. hopefully, I can get to the other side of these cravings but either way it certainly shows how dependant I am on sugar and processed foods at the moment.

One thought on “Eating Healthy

  1. Processed food has been notorious for being addictive, and it takes a long time to ‘detoxify’ ourselves from these ‘substances’. It is apparently normal, maybe instead of cutting off completely, you can reduce it little by little, so you don’t have cravings?
    You have taken the most difficult first step by starting to make better choice in eating, I think you have done a very good job 🙂

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