Meal Plan

In an attempt to curb my snacking and stop me eating lots of junk food for tea, we have started trying to stick to a meal plan for the week.

As we are only buying in the food that is needed for the meals that are on the plan (and it is not as easy anymore to get more food or get a takeaway) it means that we have no choice but to stick to this plan.

This should mean that my diet this week will be much better but it also means that we shouldn’t be spending as much money on food this week either. This is something that I used to do regularly before lockdown and has helped me to lose weight in the past.

Although it is harder for me to lose weight at the moment with the lack of exercise, I still think that it should mean that I can lose the 10lbs that I have put on during lockdown. Then I can start focusing on dropping a bit more so that I can get to a health weight before this time next year.

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