Still Not Going Out

Although in the UK a lot of places have started to open up and people have started to go out more I am still not changing what I am doing which means that the only time we are leaving the house is to exercise or play with our dog.

One of the main reasons for this is that increasingly other people are not taking the virus seriously. People are not socially distancing in the streets where there is plenty of space to do so, which means that there is not chance they will be doing this in places where there is less space. People are starting to look at us as though we are odd when we give them space.

I think that the issue is that many people think that if they get the virus then they will be fine. However, this is not a useful attitude to have, not only is there a chance that even a healthy person can die or suffer long term health impacts but also there is a chance that some one who is fine can pass the virus onto someone vulnerable.

I personally would be devastated if I was to pass this illness onto someone who later died from the virus and that is one of the reasons that until this virus is under control, I will not be going out more than is needed.

In addition to this, we still don’t know what the effects of this virus will be to longer term health and what the chances are of this virus mutation to be much more dangerous. These unknown factors alone should be enough to stop people for taking chances with their health in my opinion.

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