Lost Track

I have lost track of a lot of things over the last few weeks. Such as what day it is, what week it is and even what month it is. Even though I didn’t go to many places before lockdown (I wasn’t the type of person that had to go somewhere new every week) I am certainly noticing that everyday is pretty much the same.

I think that this is maybe worse for us than some others because we have taken lockdown very seriously. I don’t have any underlying health conditions but I am not at my healthiest level right now in terms of both weight and fitness. I know that this does increase my risk from the virus (even though this is still low) and I would rather not end up in hospital. This means that we have not been going anywhere in the car and we have not even gone out shopping.

On a more positive note however things are starting to look better. The numbers of cases are now a lot lower than they were and things seem to be going the right way. If things keep going like this we might be able to start taking the dog out to more interesting places for walks very soon.

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