Out The Other side

The first half of this week was so hot that it felt as though 90% of my life was trying to keep my body temperature down. I have never been a huge fan of the heat but this week has certainly proved that I am not cut out to live or even visit anywhere hot.

The temperature has lowered considerably now but I am still looking forward to autumn. I can’t wait to be snuggled up on the sofa in a blanket and a nice warm coffee while I write words on my keyboard. Only a couple more months to endue before the temperatures start to plummet and I can start to feel comfortable again.

Despite the high temperatures I have actually managed to remain pretty productive in terms of writing. There were a couple of times over Monday and Tuesday where I had to switch off my laptop because it was adding too much heat to the already overheating room. However I think that I made up for this by being extra productive at the end of the week.

For one of my stories (and I am not going to tell you which one right now) I am heading to a pretty crucial part of the story. So keep an eye out for the updates over there next week or so to find out what will happen next 😉

The biggest problem that I have had this week is related to my diet. I haven’t been eating all that badly over this week. It has been far too warm for me to overheat and I have been craving salads more than anything else. The biggest problem is with exercise. It has been far too hot to even go for a proper walk this week.

Next week the temperatures are meant to stay at a much more reasonable level. I am hoping that this will be good news for both my writing and diet goals but only time will tell…..

Below is my publishing schedule for the week:

Once Upon a Rejection – Monday, Wednesday, Saturday

Link: https://m.dreame.com/novel/eN33XReyxccRkM6n6h97OA==.html

The Alpha’s Punishment – Thursday, Sunday

Radish link: https://radish.app.link/goUJm2juJrb

Goodnovel link: https://www.goodnovel.com/book_info/31000298376/Werewolf/The-Alpha-s-Punishment

I’m An Alpha, Not Your Princess – Wednesday, Sunday

Link: https://m.dreame.com/novel/SvAbHMe9SmIwX0Kw3UPdaQ==.html

The Lost Female Alpha – Friday

Link: https://www.goodnovel.com/book_info/31000300782/Werewolf/The-Lost-Female-Alpha

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