It’s Hot But It’s Only Getting Hotter

No I am not talking about my stories although that is true as well. I am talking about the weather. Here in UK we are in the middle of a heatwave and having a particularly fluffy dog means I need to be aware of this kind of thing.

Next weeks temperatures are meant to get as high as 40 degrees Celsius. This might not seem too high compared to some countries but the UK is really not set up to deal with this kind of heat. The houses let in far too much heat and air conditioning is really not a thing in homes around here. This means that next week I will be pulling out all the tricks to keep myself and my dog cool.

The hot weather has also had a bit of an impact on my health. I haven’t been walking on a lunchtime to keep my dog out of the heat so I haven’t been getting anywhere near as many steps. I have been trying to adjust my diet to compensate but it is hard when all I want to do is eat ice cream and drink lemonade. I really don’t cope well in hot weather.

On a more positive note I am finally feeling more rested after my work trip so I am back writing again. When I first got back I was so exhausted that I struggled to write more than a few hundred words a day but as the week went on I felt much better. Now I am feeling motivated and the last couple of days I have been back to writing around a chapter a day.

Below is my publishing schedule for the week:

Once Upon a Rejection – Monday, Wednesday, Saturday


The Alpha’s Punishment – Thursday, Sunday

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Goodnovel link:

I’m An Alpha, Not Your Princess – Wednesday, Sunday


The Lost Female Alpha – Friday


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