Miserable Winter

Even though we still have over a month of winter left I am already sick of it. I am sick of waking up in the dark. I am sick of the cold and the rain. I am sick of doing dog walks in the dark. I am trying to lead a more healthy life but this is hard when everything is so dark and miserable. I can’t even enjoy going to a walk because half the time it is raining and the other half of the time I am in perpetual fear of being pulled over in a muddy field by my dog.

I am not one of those people who love hot weather always look forward to summer. My favourite times of year are spring and autumn. The main thing I am looking forward to is the extra light and life that spring brings with it. I love seeing the flowers start to bloom and the leaves coming back onto the trees.

Yesterday on my evening dog walk (in the dark)I noticed the the snowdrops were in bloom along some of grass verges in my village. They are the first visible signs of spring and this makes me instantly feel more positive. Soon everywhere will be green, filled with birdsong and winter will have been officially banished into the past.

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