Blue Monday

Yesterday was blue Monday and though there is some controversy on whether this is a real phenomenon it is clear that January is a difficult month. Going back to work again after the Christmas break is difficult enough but adding to that poor weather and low funds, January is just miserable.

I am trying my best not to let January get me down this year but I am still finding it difficult to get back into the swing of things. I have literally been back at work for a couple of weeks but I feel I need another holiday to get over the trauma!

I don’t think that I have been doing terribly with my diet of the last couple of weeks. That doesn’t mean that I have been doing an amazing job of losing weight but at least I have managed to avoid comfort eating or having a huge snackcident. At least that is something.

The main thing that I have been struggling with is getting my writing done. I am finding that by the time I finish work I am too tired to concentrate on on writing but as I use writing as a way of reducing stress it is having an impact on my general stress levels too.

Maybe I need to set myself some goals and rewards throughout the year to keep up my motivation levels but most of all I think I just need a holiday.

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