Healthy Eating

This week I have been really focusing on my diet and activity levels for the first time in a long time. I used to be so good at eating well and exercising but I have picked up quite a few bad habits during lockdown that I was having trouble getting out of.

This week I decided that instead of trying to change my habits slightly I was going to change everything completely. I rearranged my meals so that I could avoid over snaking in the evenings. I cut out crisps and chips because apparently I have no restraint when it comes to potato based products. I also started walking more and trying to move more generally during the day.

The biggest change that I made though was that I have started tracking my food and exercise again. This is how I managed to lose over three stone a few years ago so I am hoping it will help me this time as well. Tracking everything is really tedious and annoying but at least it keeps me accountable, I am less likely to eat a ton of food I shouldn’t if I have to log it afterwards.

My first weigh in isn’t for a couple of days but I am already starting to notice the effects from my new diet. My clothes are feeling a little looser and I don’t feel as bloated. Even if I haven’t lost that much weight that has to be a bonus all on its own.

I have started planning for a couple of my upcoming stories this week. I won’t be in a position to start writing or publishing them until I complete a few of my other projects but I like to plan my future stories while I am walking the dog so I am always planning something.

I think that these stories will be completely planned and ready to write in about 3-4 months. I am already excited to share these projects with the world. A couple of them are a little darker than my current stories but I hope that people will love them as much as I do.

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Below is my publishing schedule for the week:

Once Upon a Rejection -Tuesday, Saturday


The Alpha’s Punishment – Thursday, Sunday

Radish link:

Goodnovel link:

iReader: Search for ‘The Alpha’s Punishment’ on the app

I’m An Alpha, Not Your Princess – Wednesday, Sunday


The Lost Female Alpha – Monday, Saturday


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