I have had a lot going on this week. With writing, trying to eat healthy, contract negotiations and planning for my next writing projects. All while trying to overheat in this ridiculous weather that we are having over in the UK. It has been a lot for me to keep on top of but I am hoping that the next couple of weeks will be a lot easier.

The healthy eating has been going well this week. Last week I lost almost 2lbs and I am hoping that I will have been able to manage the same again this week. I haven’t been doing anything too drastic either. I have just been tracking my calories and making sure that I stick to around 1700 calories a day.

Some days this isn’t as easy as others and it does mean I have to make some hard choices. Like yesterday I had to choose between a glass of wine and a protein bar. The protein bar won but that was a hard choice, I was very close to saint f it and having both. Maybe I am going to have to start running just so that I don’t have to make these choices in the future.

I have been in discussions for another platform that I want to bring my non-exclusive books to in the near future. I like to give my readers a choice of where they want to read my stories but I have pretty strict criteria which is why I want to stick to five platforms at most. These are all platforms with high user ratings. I don’t want to mess with low ratings even if they would give me more money because I don’t want to support business that don’t give readers a good experience.

I have also spent a bit of time planning my future projects. I have one story completely planned out and that will start uploading once I have wrapped up one of my other projects. I also would like to start getting input from my readers on which of my story ideas they would like me to start working on next. I have thought of a few ways that I can do this.

I have set up a facebook page where people can discuss my stories and I will have polls for people decide different parts of my stories and the order I will write my stories in. If you would like to join my group it is called: Cerelia Wolf Stories.

I have also decided to start a writer newsletter which will have polls and can comments enabled so that people can interact with me that way. This will also give updates on my stories and bits of information that you won’t find in my books. It will have similar content to what I share on my coffee site but you don’t have to have an account with them to sign up so it makes it easier for you. There is a link to sign up by either method below 🙂

Finally, this week I haven’t been the best as sticking to my writing schedule. This is mostly because it has just been so warm that every time I tried to think about anything my brain just refused to cooperate. That being said, next week is due to be a lot cooler so I will do much better otherwise you are completely authorised to give me a virtual slap in the wrist.

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Below is my publishing schedule for the week:

Once Upon a Rejection -Wednesday, Saturday


The Alpha’s Punishment – Thursday, Sunday

Radish link:

Goodnovel link:

iReader: Search for ‘The Alpha’s Punishment’ on the app

I’m An Alpha, Not Your Princess – Wednesday, Sunday


The Lost Female Alpha – Monday, Saturday

Radish Link:

Goodnovel Link:

iReader: search for ‘The Lost Female Alpha’ on the app

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