Breaking Up With Veganism

At the risk of angering the vegan police, I have made the decision to stop being vegan. I went vegan a long time ago (about 6 or 7 years) and a lot has changed in that time. There were a few reasons that I decided to go vegan in the first place but I have lost most of those reasons and for a long time I have just being doing it because it is what I do.

I am not really the type of person who does things for the sake of doing them but that is entirely what it felt like when it came to being vegan. I was limiting my diet just for the sake of doing so and that didn’t feel right to me. That is why I decided that I wasn’t going to be a vegan any longer.

In addition to making long overdue decisions about my diet this week I also spent some time with family. As I am a bit of a recluse generally, spending time with others is more than a little be exhausting. This meant that I didn’t get as much writing as I would have like done. I do plant to make up for that next week though.

Next week I have the Friday booked off my day job as holiday so I should be able to get a lot more done. It will also be good to step away from work, even if it is only for an extra day. There is a lot going on with me work wise and it would be good for me to have a bit of time away from it to de-stress.

I am still doing well on my diet, with the exception of the days where I was socialising. I still seem to be losing weight at a consistent level. It isn’t the fastest processes in the world but at least it is still going in the right direction. Maybe by the time it reaches summertime next year I will finally reach my goal weight.

One last thing. I am rearranging my schedule slightly because I want to be able to do daily updates for a few months for each of my works. That means I will have to space out my updates a bits for the time in-between. This may mean that my updates will be a bit slower but I hope you will enjoy my daily updates when they arrive

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I’m An Alpha, Not Your Princess – Wednesday (Daily updates planned for Oct)


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