New Week, More Training

Last week was the funeral so it was a really hard week for me. As a result of this my diet and exercise suffered.

This week, I am going to be focusing more on building up my fitness. I am setting myself a goal of running over 20k this week. I have done 5k of this yesterday so I am already on my way.

I am also going to start focusing on my diet this week. This does not mean that I will be cutting my calories substantially or trying to lose weight. Instead I am focusing on eating more fruit and vegetables and cutting down on processed foods.

The only exception to this will be Friday when I am attending a birthday meal, so that will probably mean junk food and alcohol but hopefully not too much of either

In addition to this I have created a spreadsheet to track my running next year which also shows on a daily basis if I am on target or off target. This will help me keep on target and also give me a visual way of sharing my progress throughout the year.

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