Exercising In Bad Weather

Up to now the weather has been pretty mild for this time of the year but since the start of the week the weather has suddenly got a lot worse. Not only is the weather a lot colder but the last few days have also been very wet.

The cold doesn’t really bother me, I am quite happy exercising in cold weather as I have a tendency to heat up quite a bit while I am running. I however don’t feel the same way about running in the rain.

I find raining weather to be generally miserable so I struggle to motivate myself when the weather is like this. I put off my run yesterday for this reason but I was determined not to do the same today.

It was difficult to get the motivation and the first km was rather miserable but I do feel much better for doing it.

I managed 6.25km and my time wasn’t too bad either. Here is a picture to show just how horrible the weather was

I am training for a challenge next year to raise money for cancer research, if you would like to donate here is my just giving page:



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