Getting Back To Work

I have just recently gone back to work after loosing my mum a few weeks ago.

It is a really difficult time, although I feel a better than I did before I am not fully better (by a long way) and dealing with people makes it much more difficult. I am still at a stage where whenever people ask me what happened or offer condolences I get upset.

I know that people are just trying to be nice and it is really difficult to know what to say in these circumstances. I don’t feel annoyed with them but I am still finding things hard to deal with.

I think that a lot of people probably wonder why I am going back to work when I am still feeling like this but I realised last week that I was started to let the sadness get to me. It was starting to affect my motivation.

As a result, at the end of last week I went back to work. At the moment I am just working from home because I am not sure that I can deal with seeing people in person right now.

I think it is important to know what helps you and for me it is to keep busy. Right now I need to be doing something and I am sure that people will understand if I am not quite my normal self yet.

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