Working From Home

There is no doubt that working from home has it’s benefits but it really doesn’t do my fitness levels any good.

Firstly, when I am in the office I cycle to and from work but when I am working from home I am about five steps away from my desk. This means before anything else I have already missed out on about 60 minutes worth of physical activity.

Secondly, I do a lot less moving throughout the day. I don’t have to do any walking to get to meetings and the bathroom and kitchen are both very close to my desk so I don’t get many steps in there either.

Thirdly, I don’t get my lunchtime walk in or if I do it is shorter than the break I would take in the office. This is mainly because it feels a bit odd taking a long break when you are working at home so you end up working through all or most of your lunch.

Finally, There is far too much food far too close to me. when I am at work I plan what I will need and pack accordingly. When I am at food even if I set food aside the rest of the food is very close so it is really easy to get at. This means I end up eating more food that I probably should.

working from home is good for a lot of things but it really isn’t very good for my waistline!!

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