Miserable Winter Week

Winter is not great for wellbeing at the best of times, it is dark, cold and generally not nice.

This week is my first week of being back in the office. Coming back into the office after having some time away gave me a bit of anxiety. Although I got over this quite quickly once I was back in the office it makes it clear how easy it is to let things get to you and I can imagine how bad this might be if you had been off work for a longer period of time.

Another thing which has made this week particularly miserable is the fact that I have been leaving my house before the sun comes up in the morning and leaving the office after the the sun goes down. In addition to this my lunchtime walk has had to be cut short most days because of rain. This makes the days seem really long, as though I am spending my whole day at work.

I am also now back to cycling to and from work every day. This is great in one way because it means that I am getting plenty of exercise. However, it means that I am left feeling quite tired and usually soaked from all the rain.

So, by the time that I get home all I want to do is eat all the food and go to sleep.

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