Christmas Food and Christmas Party’s

Although there is still a couple of weeks till Christmas week is upon us there is already a good deal of Christmas things going around already.

All of  the lovely, tempting Christmas food is already in the shops. There are chocolate and mince pies everywhere and I have to admit that I have had quite a few of these already. What is worse for me however, is that there are now different flavors and bigger bags of crisps in the shops.

I have never been that great at exercising restraint when it comes to crisps so these are really difficult for me to resist. I am sure that there are people out there who can just eat part of the bag or will share them but this is not me!

This time of year also means work Christmas meals. mine is at lunchtime on Friday. What this means is that I will be substituting my usual healthy lunch of something like a soup or chilli  and fruit snacks for a three course meal and probably some alcohol.

doing this over lunch time means that I will miss out on my usual lunchtime walk as well as meaning that I will probably be hungry again later and end up eating my normal evening meal. In addition to this, because I am probably going to end up having a couple of drinks I can’t cycle to and from work and there is also a good chance that I will then miss out on the evening dog walk as well!!

All of this means that I will be taking in more calories than normal in a day that I will be burning a lot less calories.

I guess I will have to make up for it by being extra active during the rest of the week. Maybe I can go for a run on Saturday to burn all the extra calories….

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