Week 2 Summary – Getting The Hang Of It

Week 1 was a very difficult for me even though it was only a short week. Coming back to work after having time off is always difficult as you are not used to getting up and ready as early but this is even worse after Christmas and new year and all of the additional things that entails. When you add to that trying to get together the energy to get up early to go for a run it was always going to be a struggle.

This week however has been much easier. This has been partially helped by the move to lunchtime runs (which means I don’t have try and wake up at 5:20am) and the fact that I am getting more used to getting up for work as usual again.

This week I have managed to go for a run most days of the week which means that I have managed to do 31.5km (19.573 miles) this week. This is more than I need to do in a week to be on target but I am still slightly (about 1 mile) behind where I should be at this point because of the week before. I should however be over target by the end of next week which will feel good.

The only issue this week has been that I didn’t think about changing to lunchtime runs until Tuesday. This means that my rest days this week have ended up being Monday and Thursday which is not the best days for it. From next week I am going to try and move this to being Wednesday and Sunday where possible.

I haven’t lost any weight this week which is fine as this is not my primary goal anyway but I am feeling more healthy and energetic. This might be just because I am feeling more rested and used to getting up early for work but it could also be partially due to getting back to doing exercise regularly.

Part of my lack of weightless this week I am sure is that there was still a tone of snack food around from Christmas and new year so I have been snacking on that when I am hungry rather than picking healthier choices. However, there isn’t all that much of this type of thing left in the house at the end of this week which means that from next week I will have to start picking the healthier snacking options which should have a positive impact on my health.

Despite this retake my measurements and although I haven’t lost much weight this year I have lost a few cm. my new measurements are as follows:

Hips: 127cm, Waist: 109cm, Bust: 111.5cm

So in summary this has been a good week. There are still a things that I need to work on but I feel as though I am starting to get the hang of this.


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