Everybody Needs A Rest Day

I have been doing really well this week with running more consistently but today I had a few meetings which would have made it difficult for me to go for a run and eat lunch. Therefore I thought this would be a good day for me to take as a rest day before doing a few longer runs over the weekend.

I really felt like I needed the rest today, my legs were aching quite a bit and I was feeling rather tired this morning. I am hoping that taking today off exercising will mean that I can come back stronger for the weekend to make up the miles that I missed out on today.

I am not going to feel bad about getting slightly behind with the miles during the week. Partially because I know that I can easily catch up on these at the weekend but mostly it is because I know that if I don’t take a rest every so often then I am not going to be able to keep the exercise up for the whole year. It is the rest days that will allow my body a bit of time to recover.

As I wasn’t running this lunchtime I thought that I would take the opportunity to try one of the new vegan options that had popped up for veganuary. This might be something that I do on all of my rest days for the next few weeks so that I get a chance to try some of these while they are still around. Before it goes back to me getting one option at best in most places!

It was nice to have the day off exercising and I am now feeling ready to get back to running again tomorrow.

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